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British Lions and Mortgage Adviser KPIs

And how these affect you in your mortgage business. I watched the Lions play against Japan the other day and was intrigued as to the coaches high up in the stands. They all had their noses in laptops throughout the game. Why? Well, they were monitoring statistics and metrics or KPIs as we call them.…
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6 Inner Game Changes to Improve Your Advisory Performance

6 Inner Game Changes to Improve Your Advisory Performance Help yourself to “buy into” sales development. This is harder than you might think. Some newly-qualified mortgage advisers believe because they are qualified, then clients have a duty to accept their advice. This is completely untrue. Encourage yourself to follow some Key Performance Indicators of your…
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How to Get Rid of a Negative State of Mind

With a dash of NLP and a sprinkle of hypnosis This COVID disaster seems to be dragging on forever, for us all and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. You, like me, may well drift into an unwanted negative state of mind on the odd occasion. Here's a little trade secret…
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