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Paul Archer’s Mortgage Livestream – 2022/01/24 – Inflation, Tax Returns and the Great Resignation

Paul joins you today live from Tivoli Studios and Today he talks about relevant issues for mortgage advisers. Firstly inflation - will it slow. Then onto the Great Resignation - is it affecting your investment in new talent. Onto the Tax Return - a reminder of what's this all about.
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Verbal Buying Signals on Video or Phone

We’re all very used to picking up non-verbal signals to help us move the sale along. Watching body language or people-watching is a pleasurable thing to do. Still, we don't have this luxury in this day and age of online video meetings. So we have to tune in and focus on their face, voice and…
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How to Show Your Competence – One of the Three Secrets to Trust

One of the advisers I most admired in my career was a broker called Joss. Behind her desk, in eye view of her clients, was a collage of thank you cards from all her satisfied clients. All her new clients would see these, read a few and immediately feel comfortable with Joss and her competence.…
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