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Adviser Marketing Techniques

A number of months ago, I read a posting on LinkedIn from a newly qualifed self employed mortgage adviser, who nnaively felt that once she was qualified buisines would come knocking at her door.

Here's the rub. It ain't like that in the real world.

The real world commands marketing, prospecting and selling before any advice is given, and then you have to "close".

So I recorded a 10 minute video explaining how you can get the ball rolling on your marketing. The content is very up to date, so not 1990's, whcihyou still hear everywhere.

Her Name is RIO

For those of you old enough to remember the lyric or you’re a fan of 80’s music, will know this comes from Duran Duran’s seminal album which went to number two in the album charts in May 1982. But what’s this got to do with mortgage advising. Simply RIO stands for Retirement Interest Only Mortgages,…
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Local Land Charges Changes

Search Changes at the Local Level Local Authority Searches or Local Land Charges, call them what you like, they’re essential to any purchaser. Until now, they’ve been taking an inordinate amount of time and have held up many a house purchase. Why are they officially called local land charges? Simply because they are restrictions or…
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Watch out for Open Banking

You may not have heard of the phrase but it’s going to revolutionise lots of aspects of life but most relevant to us, mortgage broking and advising. Imagine being able to look at the current account of a customer if you’re a mortgage lender or broker before they actually apply for a mortgage. Of course,…
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