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Housing Grants

In this short 5-minute video clip, Paul takes you through an update on housing grants which is beneficial information for those in the mortgage business. The clip was shot as part of our new Equity Release training package.
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The Danger of Mines

CON29M Now that title got you excited didn’t it? Its staggering how many homes are affected. 29% of all homes are in coalfield areas and that doesn’t include the other minerals that have been dug out of the ground in the last 1,000 years – salt, tin, chalk, brine…the list goes on. Britain’s Industrial Revolution…
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Local Land Charges Changes

Search Changes at the Local Level Local Authority Searches or Local Land Charges, call them what you like, they’re essential to any purchaser. Until now, they’ve been taking an inordinate amount of time and have held up many a house purchase. Why are they officially called local land charges? Simply because they are restrictions or…
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