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CeMAP Bootcamp Livestream 2019 October 15 Podcast

Paul at https://www.archertraining.co.uk/CeMAP_Bootcamp.html talks for 22 minutes on some updates, an important clip on the Basel Accords and Paul promises this is interesting and he finishes this weeks' livestream off with a sales tip on making sure you don't put your client to sleep. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/4nu2bs8ahtmkodj/Bootcamp_Livestream_2019_October_15_Podcast.mp3
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CeMAP Livestream Podcast 30th September 2019

This week, Paul at https://www.archertraining.co.uk/CeMAP_Bootcamp.html spends 20 minutes talking about Later Life Lending authorisation, suitability reports and inflation. And a mention of Peanut Butter and trade wars. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/u5mmlybte64n204/Bootcamp%20Livestream%202019%20September%2030%20Podcast.mp3
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