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Tips for the Video Factfind

Here I spend 10 minutes talking through the exciting adviser video business model and some new tips to enhance how you factfind online on video.  
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How to Interrupt a Long-Winded Customer

We’ve all been there before; they just don’t stop talking. Now, this is positive as we can use their information to populate our factfind and figure out their needs and objectives. It’s also distracting, not a good use of time and quite laborious. So we need a way of interrupting them, to steer them to…
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10 Factfinding Tips

If you’re in the business of factfinding or exploring the needs of your customer before you give them advice or a recommendation, here’s 10 quick tips to use as an MOT or checkup: Focus on your non-verbals – your eye contact needs to be strong or appropriate for the customer, open body, gestures when talking.…
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