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Middle Aged Lending

Many of us have heard of the title “Later Life Lending” with the needs of raising equity or boosting finance way into retirement but have you heard the phrase “Middle-Aged Lending”? Who you determine as middle-aged is entirely up to you, you might offend your customer with this title. Many bought property and sold a…
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Sack your Bottom 10%

Paul explains how you can be more efficient in your prospecting and client bank retention by sacking the bottom 10%. And those barn door lights were rather fab
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The 60% Perform; 20% Progress and 20% Prospect Rule

60:20:20 60% Perform 20% Progress 20% Prospect The percentages are the amount of time you ought to spend on this area as a proportion of your working life. Do this, and you will have a successful business. The path of least resistance is to drop both the 20%’s because you become very busy performing your…
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