Are you ready for the Metaverse?

As mortgage advisers in the third decade of the 21st Century – you ought to be, especially for those forward-thinking advisers. They have embraced the online virtual world of face-to-face client contact via video.

Read on, and I’ll explain.

The trends are there. This week Facebook announced it is creating 10,000 new jobs in Europe over the next 5 years to help develop the Metaverse. A silly name but a virtual reality world not controlled by one company.

Facebook is aware that its social media world is under attack from various competitors and wants to maintain its market share. Mark Zukerberg reckons this is with the Metaverse.

Before explaining how mortgage advisers will benefit from this and start planning now, let me tell you more about the Metaverse.

The word comes from “Snow Crash”, published in 1992 by Neal Stephenson, a Sci-Fi author. In his book, the main character immerses himself in the Metaverse. In this networked virtual reality, people inhabit and control avatar characters that move around a virtual world. He engages in monotonous activities such as conversations with others and more exciting ones too.

Let’s get beyond the Sci-Fi aspects and predict how this might pan out with billions of dollars invested by commercial companies such as Facebook.

It’ll be like Zoom on steroids. 3D and real. You’ll be able to have:

  • Virtual meetings with clients as though you were next to them in real life
  • Training sessions with your colleagues just like in the boardroom
  • Run seminars to prospective clients in a plush hotel room
  • Work alongside colleagues in South Africa and Indonesia as one team

The list goes on.

Of course, it might seem like the wild future and a bit weird, but then again, so was the thought of Zoom meetings just 15 years ago or 65 inch TVs with HD rendering of Premiership Football matches on the wall above your fireplace. Just 20 years ago. Google what TVs looked like in 2000.

The call to action for all new and modern mortgage brokers is to prepare now. Embrace virtual and digital, create your sales process around virtual meetings with clients. Get used to handling clients, lenders etc., via digital means. Take your training digitally. Get ready for the Metaverse in the next 5 to 10 years.

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