Get Referrals by Wallowing in the Value

You want more referrals from your clients and customers? But wary of asking outright? Here’s how using the Value Conversation.

At some point towards the end of the sales cycle, when your client has enjoyed the value you provide and experienced this, you put on the agenda of a meeting – the Value Discussion.

My new local pub is called the Royal Union in Cheltenham. It’s a good old fashioned boozer, where you can pop in for a pint or a glass of wine and enjoy some convivial surroundings.  Whilst in there last time, I got to over hear a conversation with a regular at the bar. The Guv’nor asked what they like about the pub.

I listened intently to the reply.

The regular waxed lyrical about the surroundings, the great beer, the atmosphere, comfortable armchairs, the fire in the corner, the balmy evenings in the beer garden. The food especially the famous Sunday Roast and the takeaway Fish and Chips on a Wednesday night.

We were all wallowing in the value that the Royal Union provides.

The next day, someone asked me where’s a great place to have Sunday Lunch in Tivoli. I immediately suggested the Royal Union because I’d been involved in the value discussion.

The Guv’nr hadn’t asked for a referral, he merely facilitated a discussion around the value and I voluntarily referred.

So encourage your customer to talk about the value, wallow in it and they’ll be more inclined to refer you when they next have the opportunity.

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