How to Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd of Advisers

Our mortgage advising marketplace is beginning to resemble a Car Boot Sale on a Sunday morning. Pretty much every stall sells the same items, and the crowds go the loudest stallholder with the best pitch.

This is a slightly exaggerated metaphor, but I'm sure you get my point. Besides, behaving like a stallholder is not a good look for any professional mortgage adviser.

Here's an elegant technique to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Let me explain further.

Nowadays, everyone is acutely aware of their values, morals and beliefs. You may worry incessantly about the environment, scorn those with unethical practises and deride the corporate fat cats for ignoring the plight of the workers.

Young and old alike are razor-sharp on supporting and defending their beliefs and values. Just look at the various online protests and how easy it is to create a group of like-minded people.

The technique is to use this concept when advising mortgages and protection.

Ask the questions:

"What’s important to you in the loan we arrange for you?”

“What do you value most in a firm that you give your business to?”

“What’s your number one concern about the lender we choose for you?”

Sit back and listen very carefully. They will tell you their values and apply these to firms and products they do business with. The secret sauce is to ensure then you adhere to these. When you present the solution down the line, attach the features to the values the client holds dear.

Do this early in your sales process – during qualification. MANT – motivation, ability, needs and timescale.

That way, you’ll stand out from the crowd in a burgeoning marketplace. But shhh, don’t tell anyone else; it's our secret.

Honesty and integrity is a core value of mine.

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