How to Use Facebook to Generate Leads

Facebook. Love ‘em or hate them. US politicians seem to have it in for them at the moment, blaming them for everything – stirring racial tensions to encouraging anti-vacs.

But whatever you think of them, they’re mighty profitable. Last quarter alone, they reported $29 billion in revenue, most of which was from advertising.

The advertising is different to other online platforms. The majority of their customers are small firms, SME’s who don’t have vast advertising budgets and want to see their advertising targeted and successful. Isn’t that the domain of most mortgage broker firms?

Reading this article just might inspire you to use them for lead generation. Let me explain to you how.

  • Step One – create a Business Page, not your personal page on Facebook, Insta or WhatsApp. This is a professional business page in the same manner as your LinkedIn profile. Populate your profile, pictures, photos etc
  • Step Two – start collecting followers, but this might take some time
  • Step Three – start posting articles, videos, ideas, house buying tips, new schemes for FTBs etc
  • Step Four – choose a post you want to reach more people – perhaps a direct advertising post and then monetise it.
  • Step Five - promote it on Facebook and spend £10 or £15. Target your demographic carefully. Choose the geography, age, interests and gender of the people you want to target. For example, you might be promoting equity release to help financing grandchildren’s Uni education. Select the postcode GL50 for Cheltenham, select females over 65 who are retired and homeowners. Bingo, Facebook then displays your posting in front of those people; the more you pay, the more people in that group get to see your finely crafted advert. Simple
  • Step Six – start putting on online seminars to educate your target audience on equity release. Set it up and promote it on Facebook as an event. Use Eventbrite or another platform to host your webinar and integrate it to Facebook. Promote it in the same way as step five.

Educate, educate, educate once stated Tony Blair. Your clients want to be educated before they see you; no one wants to appear foolish. Online webinars work really well.

Online promotion is the new shopfront for all virtual mortgage brokers, whether you advise face-to-face or virtually. Facebook might just be worth a brief investigation – what have you got to lose - £15?

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