State Pension – Now 66

The original Now – That’s What I Call Music – CD was released in 1983 and has now reached version 105. The State Pension age only recently increased to 66 for both male and females.

The first state pension in 1908 was available for men at age 70; this reduced to 65 in 1925 but the average life expectancy of males then was 66 (NHS Stats) now its risen handsomely to over 81. So increasing the pension age to 66 is not surprising at all.

But that’s not the end of it. In 2028 it’s increasing to 67 and 68 in 2046. This is fully expected to increase way before then.

Interestingly though, you don’t have to stop work to claim your state pension, and you can even postpone it and receive more each week as a result. If you have a Personal Pension, you can take this when you want to although the age you can take this is increasing too – 57 in 2028

The State Pension Age has a long way to go before it catches up with the Now music collections, but one day we may have a life expectancy of over 100.

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