The Hateful Eight – The 8 “No-Nos” Video Images

One of my favourite films is The Magnificent Seven, the original, with a plethora of Hollywood stars. So I was intrigued to watch The Hateful Eight – Quentin Tarantino's kind of sequel.

When it comes to disappointing and dismal video images of people attending meetings on Zoom or Teams, here's my Hateful Eight.

  1. The Scary Greenscreener. Uses backgrounds without a properly lit green screen, so they look like a ghost or Freddy Kruger
  2. The Shelfie – with carefully curated books demonstrating their knowledge, values and personality – little do they know the world has moved on and can see through this
  3. Witness Protection is not their fault, but they have a bright light behind them, making their profile appear very dark.
  4. The Nostril Flarer – it is just the wrong angle for their laptop. They're looking down, and all you can see are their nostril hairs
  5. The lookawayer – their webcam is somewhere else, to the side or above them, and they stare at your eyes on the screen. As a result, it appears they are just not interested
  6. The Naughty Child. I love this one. They're too far away from the camera as though matron has put them on the naughty step
  7. The Resting Face Nightmare. What's yours like? Just don't get caught using it.
  8. Mini-Me – When the webcam is far too high up, all you can see is the top half of their head.

They all sound like Hollywood movies, don't they? As for the film – The Hateful Eight - was it dismal? Was it heck! It was a compelling and visually engaging film, brilliantly acted and filmed. Just like you should be on camera.

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