Planning Permission Joy

Planning Permission Joy

In 2013 the then Coalition Government introduced sweeping temporary changes to the planning permission regime in the country.

Just last month (May 2019) the Government announced they were to become permanent. Good news for homeowners and builders about to enter a recession. The building trade is the first sector to suffer in a recession. I use the skip index rather than GDP falling. The number of skips in my area indicates the state of the housing market and economy.

You can add a single story six-metre extension and inform the council. They’ll let neighbours know, and if no Nimbys complain, you get the green light.

Since 2013, over 110,000 extensions have been completed under the new rules, and it’s expected for this to continue.

The government even announced that this fix would help people to avoid moving, now that I don’t like. To compensate for the loss of business, mortgage advisers need to bone up on further advance and second charge lending products to finance the growth in home extensions in the next few years.

And builders won’t suffer the recession bite. Win-win all around.

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